Driving in Worrisome Weather

As evidenced by a recent flash flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service, Austin, Texas is experiencing its fair share of weather woes. The warning, which was mainly directed at the area of the state containing Austin’s Travis and Hays counties, cautioned 10-15 inches of heavy rainfall

How Safe are Self-Driving Cars?

Self Driving car
Operating a motor vehicle is a dangerous endeavor. Because of high speeds, inclement weather conditions and human error, climbing into the driver’s seat should not be an act that is taken lightly. But what about driverless cars? Thanks to the folks at Google, the futuristic concept has become a re

Innovative Integration

Going through any kind of accident – car-related, sport-related, water-related – can be incredibly traumatic in the moment. But the path to recovery and getting back to your pain-free life can be more life-altering and frustrating than the accident itself. Getting back to “normal” ca