Austin Companies Who Give Back

Austin, Texas is known for a lot of things—its music scene, electiveness, great food and a great community—so it’s no wonder many Austin-located companies make it a priority to pour back into the community that pours in to them. Here are some of the Austin businesses that make it a priority to give back.


Employees at LegalZoom are known as Zoomers and the company itself is known for its status as a platform for providing legal advice to new businesses and people alike. If you need a trademark or help establishing your company as an LLC, LegalZoom is where to go. But they are more than a professional service, they are also a social one. Zoomers get two days of paid time off to volunteer at any charity of their choice. The company then matches the fundraising efforts. As a company, LegalZoom sponsors families during the holidays at SafePlace and make sure to provide gifts and uplifting spirits to local families in need.

Eureka Product Innovation

This Austin business is professionally known for app development, but that’s not all they are known for. Each year Eureka Product Innovation puts together a college scholarship geared towards entrepreneurs and developers who show much promise and eagerness in the innovation sector. During the holidays the Eureka team also contributes to the Austin Children’s Shelter by way of collecting gifts for those less fortunate local families.

CBS Austin

This local news station, in partnership with Austin Gives, a program of the Austin Chamber, features bi-weekly spotlights, called We Are Austin. These segments highlight local Austin companies who have partnered up with Austin Gives and who are notable contributors to the community at large. It’s a great way to learn about who is doing what for the city and why you should help out.


Commuting and community share more than just the root “comm.” By using this local transportation app and its suggested alternate routes users are reducing the negative environmental impacts of their commute. Users earn points by heeding the apps suggestions and avoiding certain places on their commute route. Accumulated points can be cashed in at local businesses, for Amazon gift cards or even towards planting a tree.

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