Austin’s Must-See Street Art

When you think of Austin, Texas’s cultural and art scene your mind may jump right to events like South By South West (SXSW) or the Austin City Limits music festival (ACL). But did you know that there are art installations that you can catch just by walking around the city and the greater Austin area? Here are some examples of Austin’s must-see street art. Get out there and appreciate your city!

The 6th Historic District is known for its great bar selection, but in the daytime you can focus upon the colorful art decking the street’s brick walls. The mural features bright colors and Austin staples (think: guitars, “Don’t Mess With Texas” messaging, etc.). Make a point to glimpse this piece during the daytime ours before you head into a bar-fueled night of fun.


Puns are timeless jokes that can be appreciated by everyone, both young and old. The “You’re My Butter Half” installation on MLK Jr Boulevard is a bonafide crowd pleaser. It’s quirky and fun: just like the city of Austin itself.

youre my butter half


For locals and tourists alike, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery is a cannot-miss destination. Located on Baylor and 11th, this outdoor gallery is the only one of its kind in America and is run by a non-profit called HOPE Events. Muralists, hopeful artists, casual students and on-lookers all benefit from this unique installation.


Austin is full of fun things and great sites at every turn. Why not take advantage of the thriving creative culture hanging out throughout the city? Grab some coffee, make a list, and get to sightseeing.

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