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Don’t Let Road Rage Take Over

Road Rage Injury Austin Texas
In case you missed it, two men let their road rage get the best of them during their Monday morning commute and made headlines on major media markets including CNN, DailyMail, and Fox. Austin is unfortunately no stranger to reckless driving. Last year the city saw 102 traffic related fatalities. Cit

Hands-Free Driving in Austin, TX

Hands Free Driving Austin Texas
One year has passed since Austin passed a hands-free driving ordinance. Under the provision, drivers must abstain from talking on the phone unless using a hands-free device. The fines, which are classified as Class C Misdemeanors can be up to $500. After the city gave drivers a month long grace-peri

Identifying a soft tissue injury

You can feel it but you they can’t see it. Like a migraine, a terrible stomach ache, or a head injury, some aches and pains can affect daily life but aren’t visible to the outside world. Proving soft tissue injuries can be more difficult than proving a fracture. Luckily, assessment of soft tissu