B-Cycle Stations in Austin

 You’ve heard of car-sharing and ride-sharing services, but what about bicycle-sharing?
If you live in Austin, chances are you have seen a B-cycle station around town and you more than likely want in on the action—who doesn’t love riding a bike around a cool city?
B-Cycle is out to “take Austin by the handlebars,” and is doing so by popping up all throughout town.
Each cycle is fully equipped with a basket, gears, lights and reflectors, adjustable seat and a splashguard and chain guard among other typical bicycle accoutrements.
Anyone can purchase an annual, monthly or 3-day membership to ride, and you may do so online. All you have to do is swipe your membership card and hop on. Annual memberships are $80 and monthly memberships come in at $11 a month. 
You can purchase a membership online or buy a pass at any B-station kiosk around town—all you need is your credit card.
When you are done cruising around on your B-cycle, all you need to do is return it into an empty dock (wherever you happen to be around town, you do not need to return it to the original dock from which you picked it up). Push it into the dock and wait for the sequence of beeps and green light to let you know you have successfully returned your bike.
There are parameters to this bike sharing service. For example, since the sharing service is designed for short distance trips, you are expected to only rent the bike for 60-minute trips. If you keep your B-cycle out for longer than the standard 60-minute window, you will be charged $4 for every 30 minutes you keep the bike out.
Now all you need to know is where to grab your B-cycle. Check out the B-station mapfor current listings and download the app to easily seek out a station when you’re on the go.
Happy riding!

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