The Best Dog-Friendly Spots in Austin

Most people consider their canine companion a member of their family, so it is only natural to want to bring your dog with you wherever you go. Offices are increasingly becoming dog-friendly, allowing their employees to bring their pooches to work. This trend also extends to other places of business, like restaurants, bars and hotels. If you are a dog owner in Austin, follow our Instagram, @dogfriendlyatx on to stay informed on the best and most accommodating dog friendly establishments. In the meantime, here is a list of Austin-area dog-friendly spots you just have to check out!


OPA! Coffee and Wine Bar

2050 South Lamar Boulevard

This place seriously has everything you need: great Greek food, a cozy atmosphere, coffee, wine, comfy seating, an outdoor patio, live music AND they let you bring along man’s best friend. This is a great spot to go hang out with your friends—both human and furry—and relax.


Cedar Door

201 Brazos Street

This dog-friendly pub is known for their signature martini cocktails as well as an expansive selection of beer. Better yet, Cedar Door touts a huge deck as the perfect spot to enjoy your alcoholic beverages out in the fresh air.


The Four Seasons Hotel

98 San Jacinto Boulevard

No doubt you’ve heard the name of this reputable hotel chain, but did you know they are uber dog friendly? If you bring Fido with you during your next stay, not only is your pooch welcomed into the hotel rooms and lawn, but they are met with doggie treats!


Yard Bar

6700 Burnet Road

When both you and your pooch need to eat, you both should make your way to Yard bar. You can enjoy sandwiches and a cocktail while your companion can sidle up to the snack stand to nab a treat. After you eat your fill, check out the dog park and run off your meal.

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