The Best Places to Take Your Dog During the Hot Austin Summer

If you think Austin, Texas is a hot place to live, then you should ask your dog how they feel. Can you imagine sporting a thick fur coat in the thick 90-degree heat? So, the next time you can no longer bear the scorching temperatures and want to abandon everything in search of a cool spot to hang out, check out these places where your dog can tag along.

Hit one of Austin’s many lakes

Dogs are natural born swimmers and would love to spend some cooling off time with you on the lake. Hit somewhere like Lake Austin or Lake Travis and jump on in with your pup—you could both gain a lot from beating the heat with a cool dip.

Spend some time at a dog park

Before you roll your eyes, you should consider spending some time outside with your pooch even during the hot summer. With around 15 dedicated dog parks, Austin is bound to have a shady one for you and Fido to play fetch in. Aim to visit your chosen dog park in the early morning or evening when the sun is not beating down and the temperatures are cooler.

Barton Creek Greenbelt Preserve is fun for dogs and humans alike

Grab your dog and take a hike…to Barton Greenbelt Preserve, that is. Together you both can hike, rock climb, swim and enjoy a summer spent with each other. However, be sure to watch out for fast-moving runners or bikers while you hang out here!

Post up on a patio

Austin is famous for being extremely dog friendly, which means you can bring your pooch as your plus-one almost anywhere. Next time you head out to meet some friends, choose a spot with a dog-friendly patio. This way you can enjoy some human company and beverages while never leaving your dog all alone at home.

Hang out at a brewery

Austin has no shortage of dog-friendly spots—or breweries. Get a group of friends together, grab your dog and head out to one of Austin’s fun breweries. You can take your dog along for all of the fun and get some quality time in together.

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