Local Breweries and Wineries

Craft beer has never been more popular, and wine is a longstanding favorite so the emergence of local breweries and wineries is hardly surprising. Here are some of the best local breweries and wineries in Austin.   South Austin Brewery 415 E St Elmo Rd #1d, Austin, TX  Known for their popular

Identifying an Alcoholic

Drinking and Driving Alcoholic Austin Texas Lawyer
Sometimes alcoholics are easy to spot. But, there are many that appear normal at first glance. Maybe you’ve had suspicions about certain individuals, but have you ever considered that maybe a loved one is an alcoholic? Unfortunately, their addiction can affect the whole community through the reali

FAQ: What is a Hospital Lien?

Hospital Law Austin Texas
Ever heard of a hospital lien? You probably have if you’ve been the victim of an accident. But if not, it is important to understand what a lien is in case you are injured in the future. What is a Hospital Lien? First, a lien is defined as a legal claim that someone has on […]