How To Hack ACL: Firstimers Edition

Austin is known for a lot of things, but its lively culture is always on the forefront. Therefore it is no wonder the Austin City Limits festival draws huge crowds from all around the nation and the world—it is the perfect event to really get a feel for the heart of Austin. If this is your first year attending the festival or if you really just need some helpful tips, check out our detailed guide for a guaranteed good time.


Know what you can and cannot bring


This may seem like common sense, but the first step to enjoying your time at ACL is being properly prepared. You should reference the festival’s official list of allowed and prohibited items. For example, of course, you need sunscreen (that Texan sun is no joke), but you can only bring in the cream or solid kind—no aerosols allowed.


Speaking of the blazing sun, it is imperative you have constant access to water in order to stay hydrated. If you consult the aforementioned list, you would know you may bring in two factory sealed water bottles (up to one liter), as well as empty hydration packs and water bottles, which you may fill to your heart’s content at the festival’s free water stations. Nothing kills the feel-good mood faster than an angry sunburn and a parched throat.


Plan your day out ahead of time


With the festival’s popularity and the popularity of the lineup, ACL is sure to be crowded. Before you get frustrated and stuck in a dense crowd you should know the layout of the venue, the times of the performers you want to see along with other major points of location (think medical tents, established meeting points to meet up with your party, restrooms, food, etc.)


Find out which artist is playing which stage and when and go from there. Carve out some time for bathroom breaks, eating breaks or just good old-fashioned breaks. Don’t overdo it and take some time to collect yourself. If you do this, you will be sure to maximize your festival experience.


Have fun
As long as you are prepared the fun will follow. Put in the time before you set out to enjoy the festival to figure out the best way to enjoy the festival. Once you do that, the rest is easy. As always, make sure you are staying smart and safe, as failing to do so is the quickest way to have a bad time. See you out there!

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