Local Breweries and Wineries

Craft beer has never been more popular, and wine is a longstanding favorite so the emergence of local breweries and wineries is hardly surprising. Here are some of the best local breweries and wineries in Austin.


South Austin Brewery

415 E St Elmo Rd #1d, Austin, TX 

Known for their popular Evel Ale (Evel Knievel, anyone), South Austin Brewery is all about great beer and great music. All of the five beers on their roster are meticulously paired with a harmonious musical counterpart. The taproom is open from Tuesday-Saturday—go check it out!


Live Oak Brewing Company

1615 Crozier Lane Austin, TX

Touting its status as Austin’s oldest brewery, Live Oak has been brewing up delicious beers since 1997. They are also known for their brewing style, which echoes the old-world style found mostly in Europe and rarely in America. A bit of beer and education can be found here.


Austin Beerworks

3001 Industrial Terrace Austin, TX

You would have a hard time running out of brews to try at Austin Beerworks. With a permanent menu of its ‘core 4 beers’ along with seasonal exclusives (currently a blood orange IPA), Austin Beerworks is a great place to try some of the best local brews Austin has to offer.


The Austin Winery

440 E St Elmo Rd Austin, TX

Nobody likes a wine snob, which is why The Austin Winery is committed to cultivating an approachable, snob-free atmosphere. Known as an urban winery, the team at The Austin Winery source grapes from family-owned farms across the country and turn them into wine for local Austinites and tourists to enjoy.


The Infinite Monkey Theorem

121 Pickle Road, # 110 Austin, TX 

Also an urban winery that categorically rejects pretension, The Infinite Monkey Theorem is a must visit. Bring a huge group (and book ahead) or swing on by for a public tasting—either way, don’t forget to try the wine slushy.

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