Thriving brands in Austin

If you’re an Austin local you probably don’t need to be told just how great the city is. But did you know that some insanely popular national and international brands found their start in Austin? Here are five thriving hometown brands you should keep an eye on.


Keeping your hot drinks piping hot and your cold drinks ice cold—that’s what Yeti is known for. Whether you carry one of their tumblers, coolers or cups, it’s probable you own at least one Yeti product—and helping your fellow locals at the same time. With its Flagship store right on South Congress Avenue, Yeti has quickly become a part of Austin’s history. It all began when two brothers (Ryan and Roy Seiders) sought out to create a cooler that could withstand their fishing trips and keep the inside goods cold. From that one cooler, the Yeti brand was born.

Kendra Scott Design

Today you’d be hard pressed to go out in public without seeing one of Kendra Scott’s pieces. When she was just 19-years-old, Scott moved to Austin and became a hat designer, with her first store known as Hat Box. Later on when Scott realized jewelry tended to be insanely expensive or dirt-cheap and with no in between. Therefore Scott decided to fill that gap and produce pretty, sturdy jewelry. Like the brothers behind Yeti, Kendra Scott’s flagship store is in Austin.

Tiffs Treats

No one can pass up a warm, gooey cookie, which is why Tiff’s Treats is always a good idea. Born in 1999 in Austin, Tiff’s came to fruition when University of Texas sophomores Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen were supposed to go on a date. Taylor stood Chen up and got him so warm cookies to apologize—and they’ve been serving up treats ever since.

Hat Creek Burger Company

Hat Creek founder Drew Gressett started to serve juicy, mouthwatering burgers, creamy shakes and salty fries from a food truck back in 2008. Since then, they’ve opened up brick and mortar locations perfect for family dinners out or catching up with friends. It’s hard to go anywhere in Austin these days without spotting a Hat Creek Burger joint.


Health-food and juicing seems to be the latest craze—but at JuiceLand, healthy eating is a constant lifestyle. Smoothies, juices, health shots and bulk cleanses are just some of the menu items JuiceLand offers its fellow health-foodies. With summer coming up, you’ll want to drop in for an ice cold smoothie now more than ever.

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